What We Do.

Grab the opportunity to capture memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. Photography is the art of moments frozen in time. The best day of your life deserves the best photos of your life. I capture the moments that matter and relive the experience every day.

We are professional photographer, ready to make every moment of your special occasion count. Whether it is maternity, weddings, special events or lifestyle pictures, there is nothing that we cannot do. We believe on providing unique experiences through our service. It is more than clicking our cameras and taking photos. It is capturing the most alive moments and preserving them forever.

Professional photographer Iggstudio

Wedding Photography

The day is special, especially when you are entering into a sacred union with your loved one. Wedding Photography is important because it helps you capture the perfect emotions with romantic and bold themes that tell the perfect story of your wedding day. Lighting, composition and the camera angles matter a lot. However, it is not just that. It is also capturing the perfect emotions and those special moments that tell a unique love story of your wedding. When our cameras spring into action, your album will have more than just pictures. There will be treasures that you can one day show to your family, friends, children and even the grandchildren.

Starting from $2500

Maternity Pictures

Congratulations for the pregnancy! Among all the different feelings of accomplishment, brighter future and the thought of having a complete family, the notion of having dreamy maternity photos will also cross your mind multiple times. And why shouldn’t it! Pregnancy is a beautiful and emotional phase of life. Your body is beautiful and the extent to which it can stretch itself to support life is outright applausable. You deserve a beautiful maternity photo session to preserve these moments in the form of visual memories. One day when you are with your beautiful children and look at these pictures, you will be smiling. That is what we intend to capture through the maternity photo session.

Starting from $500​
Professional photographer Iggstudio
Professional photographer Iggstudio

Lifestyle Photography

Your most authentic expression is also your greatest story. The lifestyle photography captures your most candid shots in an artistic manner, and shows your natural expressions as visual works of art. Whether it is capturing a photoshoot of your family, or taking pictures of those candid shots that reveal the sincerest expression of your life. We capture the feel-good moments in these pictures, and tell your story the unique way. Whenever you are going to pick up the album or browse through these pictures on your devices, you will feel fulfilled.

Starting from $500​

Event Photography

Have you ever wondered what makes an event grand? Though an event is the mixture of place, location, people and settings, it is important to know that they all work together to create powerful experiences. Those unique experiences are the reason why events become so popular. Our photographers have an amazing eye for detail, as we manage to capture all those moments that make an event special.

Starting from $1000
Professional photographer Iggstudio
Professional photographer Iggstudio

Studio Rental

Are you looking to hire a professional studio for your next project? While any studio can do, there is a difference between working in a studio actively used by top photographers, and working in an ordinary studio. The results will speak for themselves. If you want value for your project, and want the results to shine in the end, then our photography studio is the perfect option for you. Equipped with the top-notch equipment along with the perfect lighting and settings, you will get a value greater than the pictures themselves.

Let's create your special moments.

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